Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i'm warming up...opening at 220lbs :] it's cold in rhode island :P hope you're having a good day!<3

from a 732 phone number, Sunday, March 16, 10:53 AM

So I guess this guy is a wrestler, and he was at a competition this past Sunday. By MASSmonster, I think he might mean that he's from Massachusetts (which would make sense geographically, since he's competing in Rhode Island). But he could also mean that he is a monster of mass, which would be true, since 220 pounds is an awful lot of mass to carry around.

What I like most about 732's text is that he ends every sentence with a different emoticon. There's the somewhat square smile :], the stuck-out tongue :P, and of course the classic heart <3. 571 speeds through a number of different emotions and facial expressions at astonishing speed.


Leslie said...

NO!! 732 is my home town area code!! Maybe its Rob Vela??!?? Or Mirek? Probably Mirek because: 1) Mirek likes to travel - it was his choice to come into the city 485859457 days in the last month so he could very well be in RI now 2) he likes to lift things. i mean, who doesn't? 3)MASSmonster = M(irek)ASS(hole)monster. Self-explanatory.

I'm pretty sure I'm right. After all, I'm THE Senior Detective.

Anonymous said...

most likely he is a power lifter, not a wrestler. you dont change weights ('opening up') in wrestling. probably his bench press first run.