Friday, June 6, 2008

FWD: Fwd:FW: 7pp90% of people marry their 7-12 grade sweethearts becuz u opened this u will b told sumthin 2nite. if u dnt 4wrd 2 10ppl u wil lose the luv
from a 706 phone number, Friday, June 6, 4:05 PM

Since I didn't have a 7-12 grade sweetheart, does that mean I have a 90% chance of dying a spinster?

Also: "lose the luv"? What does that mean? And, if I'm dying a spinster, is there really any luv there for me to lose?

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Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound like an accurate statistic (90% of people marrying their 7-12th grade sweetheart - sounds WAY too high!). But I guess those "FWDs" aren't known for their accurate info!