Friday, June 6, 2008

Wala ako load. just send me texts...
from a 423 phone number, Thursday, June 5, 10:07 PM

Do you think this is another language, or do you think maybe it is one of those simple codes where you use one letter in place of another? Like if W = P, A = E, and L = T, then the first word means "Pete." That's not really what it means, though, because I just made that up.


Anonymous said...

In Arabic "wala" means "by God" and Arabs use it regularly like, "I swear" or "Honest". So this could be Arabic but I can't figure out what the rest means.

Tjok! said...

HI! :D This is actually a Filipino language called Tagalog.

Wala = no/none
ako = me/I
load = uhm. It's like, they use prepaid phones most of the time.

"I have no money on my phone!"

Emily said...

That's AMAZING! Leila (as a collective) is so international!