Friday, June 20, 2008

I made it! Hot here!
from a 201 phone number, Friday, June 20, 7:06 PM

'Here' obviously does not mean 'New York City,' because that's where I am right now, and, yeah, it's pretty warm here, but definitely not hot enough that it would be the only thing you would comment on in a text message. Unless you just arrived here from, say, Alaska. But 201 is not an Alaskan area code.

INTERESTING FACT: Did you know Alaska has only ONE area code? I just learned this as I was double-checking where 201 is. All of Alaska is 907.


heidi said...

201 is New Jersey, though I doubt it was that hot there yesterday. Maybe 201 took a trip south?

Anonymous said...

All of Maine is 207!

Ariel said...

All of LA is 310! And 424! And 323! And 213! And 818 (since the valley is considered LA county)!

Yeah.... I don't understand this one area code thing :\ Although, growing up in El Segundo, all of ES was 310-322-xxxx or 310-640-xxxx :D Until I was about 13.

woobs said...

...its because theres like no one in alaska