Sunday, June 15, 2008

Musta na si shadow? Wala na bang galis?
from a 423 phone number, Tuesday, June 10, 7:06 PM

Hey, you, guy who translated for me last time I got a text from this phone number. Can you help me out again?

Of course, you could tell me this means pretty much anything, and I would probably believe you. "Can you see my shadow? Want to bang my brother?" Tagalog is not my first language. It is not even my twentieth language.


Tjok! said...

In Tagalog "Kamusta ka?" means "How are you?"

So, this person is asking "How is Shadow?"

Wala na ba'ng ~ "Isn't there any ~ "

And I don't know what "galis" is. :S

Leila said...

Thanks! You are the most fluent in Tagalog person I have ever met.

Tjok! said...

That kind of sucks. :S I can barely speak it.

However! :D
I can understand it well, so hooruh.