Friday, June 20, 2008

N east main st 2nd flr 1 br hot water and heat inc 700/mo 410 287 5678 rising sun 2
from s 443 phone number, Thursday, June 19, 9:50 PM

Rising sun 2br 540/mo sec 443 350 0055 m_f 8:30_5pm I TOLD ERIC WHO WORKS AT WOODY S TO ABOUT APT JK
from a 443 phone number, Thursday, June 19, 10:00 PM

Hi leila i was wondering if u could show me the cool book that u had last nite after we play music

from a 443 phone number, Friday, June 20, 12:44 PM

Contrary to popular (i.e. my) belief, 'rising sun' does not necessarily mean 'House of the Rising Sun,' which is obviously a place where you would NOT want to live. Turns out 'rising sun' is also the name of a small town in eastern Maryland.

Rent in Rising Sun sounds pretty cheap. Should I move there, do you think?


Amara said...

yeah, I'm currently looking for a new apartment and when I see rent so cheap in other places I get depressed.

Steven Yenzer said...

Rising Sun has actually been kind of a KKK stronghold over the years. It's the headquarters for the Maryland chapter. So...maybe not the best place to live...

Anonymous said...

perhaps john is a grand wizengamot in which case it would be the perfect place for him to live