Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can you please tell Tamara to mail the pdfs to my home account? Palmer will be pissed if we screw this up.
from a 408 phone number, Tuesday, July 22, 3:20 PM

I called this guy back because this sounded important and I didn't want Palmer to get pissed. When I explained to him, over the phone, about how his text message came to me and how he couldn't type in "L-E-I-L-A," he sounded pretty bewildered when he replied, "Sorry, I thought that was how it worked."

I don't know if dude has never texted before, or if he has but usually that name-spelling thing works for him, or if none of his texts have ever reached the intended recipients and he just never knew it before now, or what. As usual, I wanted to ask, but, as usual, he was so flustered/confused that our conversation ended before I was able to ask, "Wait--Sir!--Why did you think it worked that way?"

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