Thursday, July 24, 2008

hey grl miss you
end to kno when
you return

from a 404 phone number, Tuesday, July 22, 9:38 PM

hi i have had a medium good day. best part was i got a haircut yea
from a 404 phone number, Thursday, July 24, 6:26 PM

Actually a different 404 number from this 404. But don't worry, there will be updates about that other 404 in just a moment.

I wonder if these two 404s are trying to reach the same Leila?

1 comment:

km said...

It's interesting to use adverbs often associated with the taste of chicken wings to describe how ok one's day was.

In that case, it's only 8am, but I've had a MINDBLOWINGLY HOT good day.