Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brad wants to know...will you hook up with him?
from a 914 phone number, Saturday, August 16, 10:14 PM

PS- he said he'd pay me 50 bux if you agreed to, so please do it! lol no pun intended...luv ya! oh & call me l8r to discuss th curtains.
from a 914 phone number, Saturday, August 16, 10:22 PM

These are best text messages I have received this week, bar none. Just to clarify: Brad is willing to pay 914 $50 if she gets Leila to hook up with him, essentially as though Leila gives KISSES for MONEY and 914 is her PIMP. AMAZING.

Also, how legendary a kisser must Leila be if her kisses are worth $50? I've never put a price on mine, but I'd venture that they come in under the $50 mark.


guinness416 said...

But what's the pun?

Leila said...

I wondered that as well. I believe the pun is the phrase "do it," which could mean "have sex," but in this context just means "kiss."

I'll grant you, it's not MUCH of a pun.

Katie said...

I thought hook up did mean have sex.

Leila said...

I think "hook up" means everything except sex. I think that is the commonly accepted definition.

heidi said...

this is by far, one of my fave msgs you have gotten.

ariel said...