Sunday, August 17, 2008

FWd:FWD: Fwd:Fwd:Fwd: Msg:
Ifucanreadhisitmeansthatwewillalwaysbefriendsendthistoallthefriendsudontwanttoloseandseewhathappensintenminutes. *Brittany*

from a 719 phone number, Saturday, August 16, 7:31 PM

I don't really understand the connection between being able to read that text and always being friends. Is being able to read words without spaces between them *Brittany*'s main criterion for picking friends? If so, why? Also, I don't buy this "seewhathappensintenminutes" crap. It looks like it was taken out of context from that popular forward about how your cell phone wallpaper will change if you forward this text to fifteen people and blah blah.

Complaints aside, props to *Brittany* for signing her name. Most text forwards are so impersonal. This sig line makes it clear that *Brittany* really cares.

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