Saturday, August 23, 2008

Im at macys wish u were here. Lots of new dresses and im stuck in one in the 2nd fl dressing rm send help haha
from a 508 phone number, Friday, August 22, 9:08 PM

I HATE getting stuck in dresses in dressing rooms. The rooms so small and cramped, and then when I get stuck in a dress I start to panic, which only makes it harder to work myself out of it, and I have to do deep breathing exercises, and if some store employee raps on the door and perkily asks if I "need any help in there," I sometimes accidentally rip the dress... It's bad news. How 508 can be in a calm enough state of mind to send text messages and write "haha" is beyond me.


Miss Kolleen said...

all i have to say is they better have hung hat dress up and returned it to the rack outside the fitting room.


a macy's junior department employee.

p.s. i dont get service in macy's.

kikolani said...

I put on dresses, fully knowing as I'm fighting to get them over my bum that they are not going to come off easily. Why do I do this? Every time, I end up in that struggle of how did it go on if it won't come off. Very funny.