Friday, July 3, 2009

Cinimon rolls, green chile, tortillas, beans, tacitos, carne asada
from a 562 phone number, Wednesday. July 1, 2:51 PM

Let me know what to bring steaks shrimp anything
from a 562 phone number, Wednesday, July 1, 3:52 PM

check out press telegram re the mexicanz
from a 562 phone number, Thursday, July 2, 11:38 AM

There appears to be a lot of Mexican-related things going on in these texts, but I'm not sure what. Some sort of Mexican picnic, maybe? Or Mexicanz picnic?


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and this is really wierd 'cause I have the same name and i get texts like this too (or at least I used to, then i switched phones). For example, I once got one from some guy asking his wife what to pick up for dinner, and I kept getting txts from a tenesee school district about "my" kid, who apparently skipped class a lot (haha). Also some guy who was working on some movie and "almost had the graphics done so call him about it". just thought I'd share this, 'cause it struck me as wierd.

Leila said...

That is weird! I've heard of this happening to people with other names before, but I've never heard of it happening to anyone else named Leila. Did you ever call back any of the numbers?