Saturday, July 11, 2009

dad said he went into prts of bruno and it was dirty and dad said was like i dont want to u to see it
from a 513 phone number, Friday, July 10, 3:19 PM

This doesn't come as a huge shock to me. I don't have any kids and I haven't seen a single scene of Bruno, but I still know I wouldn't want my kids watching it.


Katie said...

kind of hilarious that the parent, instead of acutally buying a ticket to see the movie to approve/dissapove for this kid, instead sneaks into "parts" of the movie to check it out? And I think I could say based on the trailer (um, and the rating) that if your dad has to approve your movies, you likely shouldn't see this one.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dad should send Child to grammar classes, like.

Connor said...

Saw it. You don't.