Saturday, July 11, 2009

Txt everyone in ur fone n c wat they rate u 1.real 2.ghetto 3.cute 4.big dick 5.wifey 6.fuckable 7.Bff 8.Sexy 9.Hubby 10.Hoe 11.Stuck Up
from a 609 phone number, Thursday, July 9, 12:09 PM

This is the most random assortment of characteristics I can imagine being in a list. Aren't "Sexy" and "fuckable" kind of the same thing? Why would you rate someone as your husband?

As you know if you are a follower of the Leila Texts, I have received a number of iterations of this text. What if 609 got confused because someone texted her back "4," and she thought they were telling her she had a big dick, but really they just meant that she is fun? Can't we standardize this rating system?

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