Saturday, February 13, 2010

Me for my birthday idk its up to u

from a 717 phone number, Sunday, February 7, 6:14 PM

Yerp lol...but yea u dnt have another blunt to roll up another one cuz i got like 3 roaches n u got sum i think we can smoke n watch this movie...

from a 717 phone number, Wednesday, February 10, 10:13 AM

From kailey: do u want 2 play in the snow btw: happy b-day i called on thursday but u didnt answer so i left a message
from a 717 phone number, Saturday, February 13, 10:07 AM

Things we know:
Julez's birthday was last week.
Julez "thinks" she and Leila can get high and watch a movie... but she is not certain.

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