Saturday, February 13, 2010

YEA the strike is over they r going 2 call guys from strike back in 3 periods then probably start on layoff guys & scott is 2nd on layoff list
from a 716 phone number, Saturday, February 13, 10:09 AM

This seems like some highly classified information that we're privy to right here. Like the fact that Scott is about to get laid off. I wonder if he'd getting laid off because he was striking? That's not legal, right? Any other ideas what's going on here?


Anonymous said...

I think Scott was laid off prior to the strike and after the other three shifts are called back, the laid off workers will be called back, Scott is second in line to be called back.

I can't even tell how much I thought about this. Thankfully, I don't get these messages all day long like you do - I'd spend an eternity trying to figure them out while I ignored them.

Leila said...

hahaha I am also thankful that you don't get messages like these all day long... because it gives you more time to figure out MY messages!