Friday, June 4, 2010

hey ..i think u are full of crap. sending messages to your name doesnt work because u never answer when i send them to "leita" only when i send to ur #!
from a 360 phone number, Sunday, May 30, 10:45 PM EST

So this was kind of a weird exchange. I couldn't tell if this was a person trying to reach some other Leila, or if it was a person who reads this blog who was accusing me of being "full of crap" and just making up all these strangers' text messages. So I texted back, "haha what?" And then got this in reply:

well if it works how come u never answer you booger?:) hows married life? maybe ur just too busy knockin boots
from a 360 phone number, Sunday, May 30, 10:47 PM EST

So now I know this was definitely for some other Leila, because I am not married, and also I am not that busy knocking boots.

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GRLzair said...

this is so awesome! although it is odd, it reads so well! I love it!