Saturday, November 12, 2011

Morning, dear. Good luck today. You'll be spectacular. As for me, I shall be sleeping, because who the fuck wakes up at 0630 on a Saturday? Love you lots.
from an 813 phone number, Saturday, November 12, 6:25 AM EST

Dear 813,


Leila, who just woke up an hour ago


Lindsay said...

While reading: "Oh hey, that's my area code! Wait a second..."

So I meant to send this text to my friend Lilly, but I think since I had just finished catching up on your blog, my mind wrote "Leila" instead of "Lilly," and I ended up sending it to you.

I blame 0630, and post-op pain medication.

Mostly, I'm just kind of sad that I didn't wake her up, seeing as she's a very grumbly morning person, and I take a deep, sadistic pleasure in her pain. I am deeply sorry if you're one of those people who sleeps with their phone near their head, so that they wake up if someone texts them.

Anyhoodles, have a lovely day, and I promise I won't read your blog while sleep deprived, and doped up on Dilaudid. Actually, I can't make that promise; Things are way funnier in that state of mind.

Leila Sales said...

That's hilarious! What was Lilly doing today that she needs good-luck wishes for?

And no worries about waking me up. With the number of texts I receive, I ALWAYS sleep with my phone on silent.

Lindsay said...

She was delivering the oral component of her Spanish midterm. She has pretty bad public speaking issues, so I figured she could use the extra morning-lovin'.

Yeah, I don't know why she's having a midterm in the middle of November either. Just go with it.

*crosses fingers and hopes that this doesn't post twice since I had to rewrite it*