Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yes to 35338
from an 832 phone number, Tuesday, November 8, 11:21 PM EST

Over the course of a few minutes, I received roughly fifteen text messages from 832 that all looked like this. Some just said "YES." Some just said "35338." I deleted most of them because they seemed super-boring.

Eventually I got annoyed and called 832. "Hi," I said. "You keep texting me. Please stop." He didn't really say anything except "Oh." So I hung up.

Then I felt bad about being so harsh on the phone, so I sent a follow-up text that said the following:

Sorry, i get a lot of weird texts... Good luck reaching whomever youre trying to text!
from me, Tuesday, November 8, 11:23 PM EST

Then today I googled 35338:

"If you are texting the number 35338 then you would be texting to Mobile Hookup which is a dating text chat line."

I'm now trying to decide which is most embarrassing: being the sort of person who texts a paid hookup text chat line; getting called out on it by a random girl; or having your antics posted on the Internet.

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Alysa said...

ahahahaha! That is funny.