Sunday, November 6, 2011

R u going on the prozdor trip?
from a 973 phone number, Friday, November 4, 6:20 AM EST

Prozdor is a Jewish high school outside of Boston. I know this because I grew up outside of Boston, and pretty much everyone I knew went to Prozdor after their bar or bat mitzvahs. I did not, which is why I don't know where Prozdor goes on trips. Maybe an amusement park. Maybe by skipping Prozdor, I actually missed out on years of amusement park trips.

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Jesse said...

Dear mystery Leila. I read about your blog on Gizmodo along with dozens of others. Coincidentally, I too grew up just outside of Boston, and at my highschool we had a Leila Sales of our very own! I don't think it's you as your last names are spelled differently, but I thought that you should know.

Keep up the good work!