Thursday, August 16, 2007

15/16/17/and 18 year olds that i don't even know uu know? and plus idk if evan could go yet because hes camping right now and(ugh i hate my parents for
from a 626 area code, Thursday, August 16, 12:46 AM

This text woke me up last night. I didn't understand it when I tried to read it then and assumed that was because I was asleep, but I'm awake now, and still I don't understand it.

Maybe she's only like 14 years old and she isn't sure if she wants to go do this thing because there will be so many older kids there? But why enumerate each of their ages ("15/16/17/and 18 year olds")? That's a lot of detail.

You definitely get the impression, though, that it's not worth going to this thing without Evan. He's probably her boyfriend. They're probably inseparable. Each day that he's away camping is like a bullet through her heart.

I wonder what her parents did this time. Something supremely awful, for sure.

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