Saturday, August 18, 2007

quick question how do you get your ankles so high above your head
from a 785 phone number, Friday, August 17, 9:25 PM

This is a different phone number, obviously, from the 713 booty text that I posted a few days ago, the one that asked some Leila, "a hoe," if she was busy. But I'd like to believe that both the 785 person and the 713 person were trying to reach the same Leila. 785 is in Kansas and 713 is in Texas, which would make this one Leila pretty nationally renowned for her sexual prowess and availability.

I guess it's more likely that they're two separate Leilas, that there's one Leila in Texas who's "a hoe," and one Leila in Kansas who can get her ankles really high above her head. Also, there's a Leila in New York who receives a surprising number of misdirected risque text messages, but as for that, well... whatever.

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