Monday, August 13, 2007

What Are the Leila Texts?

When you send a text message on the Verizon network, you can address your text by choosing a name out of your contact list, or you can address it by typing in a phone number. You can also type in a name. And if you type in L-E-I-L-A, then-- bizarrely-- your text will come to me.

This is a blog about the texts I have received. All of them are from strangers, intended for some other Leila, but obviously they missed their marks.

Some of these texts are funny, some are sad, and nearly all are confusing. I speculate as to who they're from and whom they are supposed to go to-- and I welcome you to speculate, too-- but of course we're just guessing. A few words can tell you only so much of a story.

Welcome to the Leila Texts. Small glimpses into strangers' lives, courtesy of a technological glitch.


Kendra said...

Leila, I like your blog! It's like FOUND MAGAZINE for the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

this site is hilarious! i love your speculations!

NYHH said...

Holy crap this is the best thing in the history of the universe. When is the movie coming out? I am not kidding. I love this.

Leila said...

Thanks, guys!
Nyhh, I have to say, you're not alone: I have friends who also want to know when he movie will come out. But that's only because they want to speculate on what actors will play them.
I have to say, if a movie were made of it, it would be pretty low on plot and pretty high on typos.

Leila Jo said...

I just stumbled across your blog and want to thank you, as a fellow Leila, for keeping such great records of our failed texts! I'm in 510 but don't think any are for me...although the Oct '08 one sending prayers sounds like some friends of mine - perhaps I was having a bad day?? Love your witty comments!