Thursday, January 24, 2008

Howd ur finals go?
from a 734 phone number, Tuesday, January 22, 12:24 PM

Ugh, I have always felt bad for students who have their final exams AFTER winter break. It seems like, how can you enjoy vacation when you know you ought to b studying? I don't know that many schools that are scheduled like that, though. Just Harvard. I wonder if the intended Leila is at Harvard. If she is, then I would imagine she's sort of smart, which makes me wonder why her 734 friend is dumb enough that she doesn't know how to send a text message without messing up. Maybe 734 isn't actually friends with Leila (because she, 734, is too dumb) but just wants to "get in good" with her. Or maybe Leila is not at Harvard, after all. Lots of variables here.


Anonymous said...

i live in the area, alot of schools here have finals in after winter break... i never have, i fell bad for them too

Anonymous said...

feel... anonymous...feel