Thursday, January 24, 2008

I had a big message for you but I accidentally deleted it so now I have to send you a bad one.
Sorry, Briana

from a 301 phone number, Tuesday, January 22, 8:19 PM

Briana, I have totally been in your shoes. Many a time. Most often with emails. It is so frustrating, when you craft the perfect text message, and then hit a wrong key, causing it to disappear into the ether. It's the modern-day equivalent of penning a masterpiece long-hand, only for the one copy to be destroyed in a house fire. Sucks.


Connor said...

Sometimes, desiring the abyss, I'll hit the Esc key after writing a long email and that makes it disappear. Of course, then I can just press Ctrl+Z and it reappears, but I secretly believe that one of these days I'll accidentally just his Z instead.

When that happens, I'll feel pretty dumb.

Leila said...

That's pretty existential, Connor. When the line between existence and non-existence is a single keystroke, etc. Gives me the chills.

Anonymous said...

Lucky for Briana; her text was deleted. Otherwise, Leila would have never received it and Briana would be pissed that she didn't reply to her masterpiece.