Monday, March 3, 2008

Hello how are you
from a 630 phone number, Monday, March 3, 8:11 AM

Pretty good, thanks, yourself?

Since this text is pretty boring, I'm going to take this space to reflect on a few things. First, I want to tell those of you who purposefully text me to say "I found your blog" that your text messages will not end up posted here. This blog is for misdirected texts. Your texts were properly directed (to me). Again, I will try to text you back, when possible, but it would be pretty weird and lame, NOT TO MENTION self-referential if this became a blog of text messages saying "I found your blog."

The second thing I want to reflect on is how glad I am that it's March, because I am very bad at typing the word "February." I know where the 'r's go and everything, it's just my fingers never work in that order. For every text message I posted here during the month of February, I think I always accidentally typed the date as Februayr. Thank goodness, welcome to March.

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