Saturday, March 8, 2008

meet me at 6. bring the stuff. we gettin down tonight!
from a 540 phone number, Saturday, March 8, 11:45 AM

I imagine 540 thinks he's being all sneaky and subtle-- after all, he didn't say "bring the liquor," so if Leila's mother accidentally sees this text, she won't know what "stuff" her daughter is supposed to be bringing. Only here's the thing: 540 really ruins the secret when he follows up the vague word "stuff" with the sentence "we gettin down tonight!"

If I were Leila's mother, I would not trust 540 one whit. And if Leila was like, "Oh, no, Mom, by 'stuff' he means 'homework,'" I would laugh in her face.


Anonymous said...

540 - I live there! that's roanoke, virginia.

...that's totally something anyone in my town would text.

Anonymous said...

As another resident of the 540 (from Northern Virginia) I would have to say that the stuff refers to weed.
That's how we get down in the 540.

I've See the Rain said...

i totally agree - stuff is weed - or maybe some other drug. we all know the fed is watching our texts - you can't say "you bring over my pot so we can get so high and craaazzy"

plus if her mom knew she had weed, her mom would steal it and smoke it behind the garage and poor leila couldn't even say anything...

"Mom - did you steal my weed?!"