Saturday, March 8, 2008

If u go to kc et me no my clippers r there i call them with a cc # ty
from a 609 phone number, Wednesday, March 5, 10:08 AM

Where is "kc"? What are your "clippers"? Like nail clippers? Are you in beauty school? But why would you call nail clippers? Especially with a "cc # ty," which, by the way, what is that?


Lucy said...

I have parsed this (with Robert's help), so here you go:

At first, I assumed "KC" was Kansas City, but I remembered that the Clippers are a team (Basketball? Robert says yes) and I looked them up and they are from LA. KC and LA are going to be the same keys on a cell phone, so I think the message is intended to read:

If you go to LA, let me know; my Clippers (a basketball team of which I am fond) are there. I call them (maybe for tickets? Still not gramatical) with a credit card number. Thank you.

This is my surmise, and I'm pretty pleased with my bold reinterpretation of the message.

Anonymous said...

not that this really makes any sense...but 609 is the princeton, nj area - there is a restaurant called KC Prime (a steakhouse) there... still doesn't make sense though

Anonymous said...

If you (u) go to kc (some hotel, maybe?) let (et - a letter was missed) me know (no). My clippers are (r) there; I [will] call them with a credit card (cc) number (#).

Perhaps KC is a hotel or some other venue where one might leave hair clippers?

Anonymous said...

also, yeah, I think ty = Thank you

Leila said...

Luce, you and Robert are certified geniuses (genii?). Thank you for your bold reinterpretation.

Only, wait, here's the problem-- if you're using predictive texting and type in the 5 key and then the 2 key, the FIRST option the phone gives you is "LA." In fact, you can cycle through all the options, and it NEVER gives you "KC." So that part can't be right. Sorry.

I totally believe everything else you say, though. Both with regards to this text, as well as with regards to everything else in the world.

Dorian said...

I think kc must be a pawn broker or one of those places that gives out high interest loans in advance of pension payments. This person wants to get their clippers out of hock. They also don't want to spend too much money on text messaging. So the message is,"If you go to kc, please let me know. My clippers are there - so you will be able to collect them for me once I have rung and paid off my debt by giving them my credit card number".