Thursday, May 15, 2008

hello is it me your looking for i am more obsessed with you than iraqis are with lionel richie
from a 724 phone number, Saturday, May 10, 11:47 PM

Are Iraqis obsessed with Lional Richie? Or is this as significant as saying, "I'm as hip as George Bush, Sr," or, "I'm more obsessed with you than giraffes are with oragami"?

It's like, Tropicana orange juice used to advertise (perhaps still does?) that a glass of OJ contained "as much potassium as a banana." And I was always like, "I don't doubt that, but just how much potassium does a banana contain?"


Anonymous said...

actually i think bananas have relatively high levels of potassium. i may have learned that in hs sophomore chem, oddly enough.

but the lionel richie thing is off the wall insane.

Alli said...

Actually yes, Middle Easterners as a whole really DO love Lionel Richie.

Weird, huh?

I've See the Rain said...

One medium banana packs 450 mg.