Thursday, May 15, 2008


from an 828 phone number, Thursday, May 8, 9:59 PM

i assume you are not coming over. Have a good might

from an 828 phone number, Friday, May 9, 12:06 AM

HaVe you found anyone to buy the garden center yet

from an 828 phone number, Thursday, May 15, 2:50 PM

Is it just me, or does Jon sound mighty miffed in that middle text message? I'm assuming the context there is that Leila had tentative plans to go over to his place, but then never called to confirm or deny these plans, and he has spent his Thursday night just sitting home alone, waiting for her to call, but she never did, and so now, at midnight, his evening wasted, he's texting her to guilt trip her.

Er, not that I have ever been in that position.

As for this "garden center" that is supposedly for sale, though... That is a position I have DEFINITELY never been in.

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