Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hey le! Okay so i have been texting you and you would get it sometimes Idk but im at a cheerleading meeting right now so you cant call me
from an 828 phone number, Thursday, May 15, 4:46 PM

But yeah so im def "talking" to matt and aspen is not very happy about that but Idc.. i love you and i will call you in just a few! Oh and i did it! :)
from an 828 phone number, May 15, 5:51 PM

I would like to clarify that this 828 person is NOT the same as Jon from 828, since Jon helpfully identifies himself at the end of each text he sends. Also, Jon is presumably a boy, and this 828 really really like really seems to be a girl. I don't know if this 828 and Jon are texting the same Leila. That's the real mystery.

Anyway, as for this 828: I love that she says she's def "talking" to matt because, like, "def" means "definitely," whereas "'talking'" in quotes like that means "quote-unquote talking," i.e. "not really talking." So THAT'S confusing. I assume Matt is her ex or some guy she has a crush on, and Aspen is her current boyfriend. He must be, because otherwise where would he get off being all possessive?

Knowing effectively zero things about this situation, I would advise 828 to leave this Matt character well enough alone and show loyalty and devotion to her man Aspen. But I advise that mostly because there are a lot of Matts out there, whereas "Aspen" is a totally cool name.


Unknown Superhero said...

Wait! Isn't the best part of this text that she 'did it'? Did she just tell someone about a romp in the sack via text?

Ben said...

I personally think that Aspen is a chick, in fact, probably another cheerleader, and Matt is Aspen's ex (or even current boyfriend). 828's a brazen hussy, pretty much either way.

Anonymous said...

"talking" means "sort of seeing, but not exclusively dating yet" where i'm from (DC/Baltimore). Since it's a NC area code, i'm betting she means the same thing. I think Matt & Aspen are two young gentlemen whom she has been seeing equally. Perhaps there was only Aspen at first, but now, with Matt in the talking picture, there is competition for her summer lovins that he's not too happy about.