Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey lady, I got the job I was telling you about so I'm moving to Denver in a month!! I'll call later to tell you more but wanted to give you the news. :D
from a 646 phone number, Wednesday, August 13, 7:34 PM

This is from a different 646 phone number, and this one I do find authentic. i.e. It doesn't seem purposefully constructed for my benefit. Anyway, congratulations 646 and all that. Denver seems far away, but props to you if that's where you want to be.

I'm interested in the salutation "Hey lady." A lot of my friends say this, but I'm not sure why or where it comes from. It seems particular to my generation. Anyone care to give me some etymological context?


guinness416 said...

I know some people who use it too. Always reminds of the beastie boys tune "hey ladies!"

Elena said...

My dead friend Robbie used to call me "lady", but it was code for "can I touch your ass?"