Friday, August 15, 2008

when is my mom coming home?

from a 313 phone number, Wednesday, August 13, 9:59 PM

From this girl again. I'm concerned because I now gather that asking Leila about her mother's whereabouts is Doonya/Dunya's constant. m.o. Also, dear: which is it, Doonya or Dunya? Make up your mind. You don't see me changing the spelling of my name like that. I'm not some days Leila and some days Leela. (That would defeat the purpose of the Leila Texts.)

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Nichole said...

Why do I feel like Leila is Dunya's mother's girlfriend? I don't think Dunya is totally okay with the fact that her mom is a lesbian, hence her always asking Leila where her mother is and when she is coming home.