Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fwd: Your TRUE love or Ex will realize how much they want you & something good will happen at 9:45 tonight if you send 2 ten ppl! <3
from an 815 phone number, Wednesday, November 5, 9:57 PM

Um. I received this at least 12 minutes too late. It's too bad; it's always nice when good things happen.

Also: I'd rather my TRUE love realizes how much he wants me, rather than my Ex. That just seems like it would be far more useful. I mean, an Ex wanting you is gratifying, but not really s life-altering as finding TRUE love, am I right? Am I being a silly romantic about this?


Katie said...

An Ex realizing how much they want you could actually be a bad thing, leading to restraining orders and other complications . . . so not sure how nice this chain text really is.

Connor said...

Well, now that I'm married it's irrelevant, but in the past I would have answered that it entirely depends on which ex- we're talking about.