Saturday, November 8, 2008

We can go grocery shopping today at like 8 if u want. i am going to walgreens for drugs.
from a 908 phone number, Thursday, November 6, 5:10 PM

I'm not entirely cleat what the second sentence means for the first one (like, we can go grocery shopping, but we won't need to buy drugs at the grocery store, since I will already have bought them at Walgreens?). I guess it doesn't really matter.


heidi said...

why add the extra keystrokes for the word *like*?
how wasteful!

Leila said...

I'm thrilled you brought this up, Heidi. I nearly wrote about it myself! I often write "like" before I say any number-- a time, a dollar amount, whatever. It's shorter than "about" or "approximately," but I have worried that it's still, as you say, wasteful. I'm actually relieved that 908 uses "like" the way I do-- I'm not a text message aberrant, after all!