Sunday, January 11, 2009

If i came up to yo and told you i got married who is the first person that would come to your mind that you would think i got married to
from a 719 phone number, Friday, January 9, 9:27 AM

Is this a forward, or did 719 just make this up on her own? It sounds like a forward to me, despite its missing "FWD"s are the beginning. But why would anyone send this on? Any answers seem like they would be pretty useless. It's not even "Who do you think I ought to marry, if I had to get married right now." That might be interesting to get your friends' opinions on. But rather it's "Let's say I'm actually completely insane and I went ahead and got married without telling you, even though I'm not even dating anyone. Whom would you guess that I, in my dementia, got married to?" And then, what, Leila is supposed to write back, like, "Oooh, Ted! He's cute!" Or what?

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