Monday, January 12, 2009

leila its faith. ure leaving this wk and didn't tell me? i want to meet up with u tomorrow. let me know what timme.


from a 609 phone number, Monday, January 12, 7:21 PM

Sometimes I (like this Leila, it seems) try to skip town without telling my friends. This gives me an illusion of control over my life. But then my friends (like Kristin, it seems) feel slighted. It's hard not to be beholden to people.


Usman said...

I'm confused, was this sent from Kristin for Faith?

Usman said...

I meant OR Faith. Kristin OR Faith.

Leila said...

Yeah I don't get it either. Maybe by "faith" she means, like, "have faith in religion"? Because why would she identify herself by two different names? It's really weird.

Caddie said...

I know it's old, but I'm proud that I figured it out. Faith's using Kristin's phone, because her battery died, and Kristin has an auto-signature.