Monday, January 12, 2009

RE: FWD: you will be kissed on Jan. 16th by a person who thinks you are perfect, and the 17th will be yo
--Cow girl--

from a 386 phone number, Monday, January 12, 9:51 PM

The 17th will be what? Can it be something good, I hope? I guess this means I'll have to leave my house on the 16th, after all. I was thinking about coming straight home from work and changing into my pajamas at 6pm and not emerging until the following afternoon. But that might make it less likely that a person who thinks I am perfect will kiss me. So I guess I need to change my plans.


amara said...

I'll be in NY. maybe it'll be me.

Leila said...

I would just like to note, for the record, that there are less than two hours left in January 16, and no one has kissed me yet today, let alone someone who thinks I am perfect. Is this because I failed to forward this text to X number of people? Did I bring this tragedy upon myself? Or must I doubt the veracity of all text forwards from here on out?