Sunday, August 30, 2009

Able con silvia i asta ahora lo que ella me dio a entender es que no quire tomar estos casos i esta recomendando a abagados. Ablame cuando podas
from an 818 phone number, Thursday, August 27, 1:08 PM

Let's play a little game called "I took four six years of Spanish classes in school." Translation:

"I talked with Silvia and until now she said to me to learn is that she does not want to take those cases and she recommended to lawyers. Talk to me when you can."

Now welcoming better translations... as if that were even possible, given my extreme fluency...


dumakae said...

Very good traslation. I just would chage "learn": "until now she gave me to understand that..."
But anyway you really are fluent ;)

Leila said...

And I just saw that your blog is in Spanish, so you know what you're talking about! I should probably go work as a translator for the UN or something. They obviously need my skills.