Sunday, August 30, 2009

La maquina llega a las 7 en el vuelo 1901 de AA con el sr Joel Tejeda del Banco Central
from a 786 phone number, Saturday, August 29, 10:28 PM

Time for Round Two of "I took six years of Spanish in school":

"The machine comes at 7 the something 1901 of AA (alcoholics anonymous?) with Mr. Joel Tejeda of the Central Bank."

I am basically fluent, except where I am not.


rmaunruh said...

the machine refers to a plane as in flight 1901 of american airlines

Leila said...

YES! Of course. I am so glad someone other than me looks at these text messages.

Nancy said...

In some Spanish-speaking countries "la maquina" means a car. So, I would translate this as: "The car arrives at 7 on flight 1901 of AA with Mr. Joel Tejeda of the Central Bank." Depends on the country, though - theoretically it could be any machine. However, it's definitely not the airplane, as whatever the machine is, it's definitely arriving "on" the flight ("el vuelo").