Friday, September 4, 2009

r we all meeting at 2 at columbus circls

from a 917 phone number, Monday, August 31, 1:38 PM

Gosh, I hope not. If we were, I totally bailed and just stayed at work, instead.


kate said...

How do you know when someone is actually texting YOU? Sometimes my friends text me from a phone number I don't recognize. Do you ever get confused? Obviously if it's an unknown area code you can assume it isn't for you, but what if it's from one nearby? Just wondering. I think it would be REALLY weird to get all the Leila texts!

Leila said...

Good question! It can be hard. Obviously all my close friends are saved to my contacts list, so that's not a problem. And most of them know that, if they text me from some other number, they need to sign their texts so I know it's from them. It's really most awkward when I give my number to someone without saving their number in my phone-- like, say, when a guy asks for my number in a bar. But I really think it's only happened a few times that I assumed a text was for some other Leila when it was actually for me. I can usually tell from context!

kate said...

That's really funny. I can imagine the reply to a questionable text: "Um, is this that hot Jason I met at the bar last night, or some random Jason who doesn't know how to send a text to his friend? If it's hot Jason then yes, I will meet you for drinks tonight." =)