Monday, April 28, 2008

Can u send me that pic of grace smilling plz

from a 978 phone number, Sunday, April 27, 9:38 PM

I read this text message aloud to my mother, who, anxious to be of use, provided me with a number of insightful comments to use here, including, "Does that mean there are a lot of photos of Grace NOT smiling? If so, why not? Is this the only photo in which Grace smiles?"

I was like, "God, Mom, I am the blogger here! You don't even know what a text message IS!"

But, credit where credit is due: If my mother knew what text messages were, and knew how to update a blog, hers would probably be better than this one.

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ariel said...

Grace is probably a baby.. They don't smile much when they first come out lol