Saturday, May 3, 2008

U ok?
from an 814 phone number, Friday, May 2, 6:52 AM

You know what always confuses me? Is how Australians and Britons say, "You okay?" as a way of saying, "How are you doing?" In America, of course, you wouldn't ask someone "You okay?" unless there was reason to suspect that she might not be... like if she looks tear-stained or ill, or if you know that something bad has just happened to her.

So if this is a text from an American, then I want to know what might have happened to Leila that would make 814 questions whether she's okay. And if this is a text from an Australian, then I want to say, Curses, you have confused me yet again.


Anonymous said...

Us Canadians use "You Okay?" in the same manner as our Commonwealth friends.

Clearly you Americans are out of touch with the current evolution of the English language :).

Anonymous said...

Seeing as 814 is Northwestern/Central Pennsylvania (born and bred there), I would venture to guess that this is genuinely asking if the person is okay. Why that wouldn't warrant a phone call, I don't know.

Julia said...

no, australian's would never say you okay? unless they actually thought something was wrong. never. totally a british thing. and even then, it's usually more of a "you right?" than a "you okay?".

Callan said...

I am australian and i do agree with julia.