Saturday, May 3, 2008

I love u jmw0td.mgw ptajm.mwgp wgpmgmgmp wp wgpwgmwpmwpG w@gtjg.M
from a 203 phone number, Frday, My 2, 8:04 PM

Oh, I hate you. Like I have NOTHING BETTER to do than sit here and type up your random collection of w, p, g, and m's?


ariel said...

I think someone turned off their T9Word thing halfway through. I wonder if this can be decrypted!

Anonymous said...

In response to ariel. No. There's absolutely no way "wgpmgmgmp" spells ANYTHING on T9.

It looks like they started to text, then dropped their phone in their bag/purse/what-have-you and then it texted. Whoops.