Monday, April 28, 2008

'Tell your steaming drunk mother you love her before you go; she may not be there to comfort when you discover your first flash of zen. . .'
from a 916 phone number, Friday, April 25, 8:39 PM

The quotation marks indicate this line must be a quote from something. But what? Google brings up nothing. Can anyone out there name that book/movie/song/inside joke?


Anonymous said...

for some reason i want to say the family stone, maybe because my sister was watching it last night or maybe because i can picture diane keaton drunk

Phil said...

Bewilderingly, I can tell you exactly what this text means, because I must have been the person to send it. It is a line from (and title of) a poem a woman and I shared (bet you know her name). I just tried to google the piece by putting this line in quotes, and your blog is the only hit - unfortunately it's disappeared. I was incredibly confused when I first came to this site but I understand it now. Strange.

I think I have the printout of the poem at my other house and if you want to email me - - I can send it to you. If I find it.