Monday, April 28, 2008

leila, you got me on my knees, leila=) hope clapton brightens your day a bit I
from a 518 phone number, Saturday, April 26, 6:15 PM

Sometimes people sing this song to me. Mostly strangers in bars who are making a poor, misguided, drunken attempt at hitting on me. But sometimes even actual people who I know. I usually smile at them and don't correct them, but what I always want to tell them is that my name is not pronounced like Layla.

Perhaps this Leila's name is, though. Let's hope.


Anonymous said...

Then how IS it pronounced??

Anonymous said...

I was saying it as "Layla" in my head. My sister is a Leila (pronounced like the Clapton song) and she found this blog and sent it to me.

Is it like "Leela?"

Leila said...

Like Lie-la. Appropriate serenades would be Oasis' "Lyla" or the "li-la-li" bit in Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer."

Just, you know, to bear in mind for next time you want to serenade me.

B. Hulio said...

Ah, it is pronounced like in this guy's song:

I wonder if he was the one that sent the text on August 17, 3:55 PM ... they are both from NJ.