Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quique B Day
from a 352 phone number, Tuesday, July 1, 6:25 PM

Hola Dios los bendiga te enbie el dinero de avon call me Luv u mom
from a 352 phone number, Wednesday, July 2, 6:54 PM

Rather than rely on my high school level Spanish, I have turned to Babelfish for help. Unfortunately, Babelfish is not so great at translating misspelled Spanglish. It had no translation for the "Quique" text, and was only slightly more useful for the second one, interpreting it as "Hello it blesses them to God sends the money to you of avon call me Luv u mom." I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that's not what Leila's mom intended to say.


Katie said...

Quique is a name. I knew a guy named Quique once, although I am pretty sure it was a nickname. (it is Spanish and you say it kee-kay).

'dei said...

One of my coworkers is Puerto Rican & she said that it's common for children to ask for their parents' blessings before leaving the house, so maybe this Leila's mom was just sending off her blessing through text message.

I'd also guess the "money of Avon" is for the cosmetics company...the one like Mary Kay where you buy stuff from a representative.

Courtney said...

So this Leila's Mom is basically saying, " God blesses those who send you money of/from Avon." Which makes me think that this Leila is an Avon lady and recently made a big sale...or something like that.

Oh, and enbie is supposed to be "envie," as in "enviar - to send. V's sound like b's in Spanish, so people without a lot of formal grammar education often make this mistake.

I'm glad all those years of Spanish finally paid off! Yes!

Amber said...

Leila's mom is telling her that it's Quique's birthday, presumably so Leila will call him/her. Later on, I believe she says, "Hi, God bless you (plural), I sent you the Avon money." Or, "avon" could be a typo of "avion" -- airplane, although if she meant money for a plane ticket, I'd think that would be something like "dinero para el avion." Anyway, that's my interpretation.

Anonymous said...


Quique is short for Enrique - a Spanish name that would be most likely "Henry" if rendered in English.

The second one means:

"Hi! God bless you (or them, it would depend on the context, which dialect of Spanish is being speaking and other things) I sent you avon´s money.

I agree on avon being avion (plane) mispelled....