Thursday, July 3, 2008

I will b at the college this afternoon to take test 2 & 3 l
from a 443 phone number, Monday, June 23, 11:05 AM

I will be studying for weather do u need help with any chaps it would help me to review if u have stuff to catch up on or study temp and weather john
from a 443 phone number, Monday, June 23, 11:14 AM

My son checked at woodys for apt upstairs he said it unliveable and used for storage it smells like fish sorry dont giveup we will find something
from a 443 phone number, Monday, June 23, 11:26 AM

Hi r u ok do u need help with math or homework b tween work sidework music and this insane physics time pressure is getting rough john
from a 443 phone number, Wednesday, June 25, 10:16 AM

More texts from John, the guy who is trying to find a new apartment in Rising Sun.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around what sort of college John goes to, what sort of person he is, and what sort of relationship he and Leila have. In terms of their college, why do they have classes in weather and temperature? I assume "chaps" are "chapters," but what is "sidework"?

Because John is in college and looking to rent a cheap apartment, I would assume he's young. But apparently he has a son old enough to check on apartments and offer opinions on them. So I don't know how that works.

As for the John-Leila relationship, it seems like they are close enough that they are trying to move in together. So then why does John text her only about school stuff, and why does he feel compelled to sign some of his texts with his name, as though she wouldn't have his number stored in her phone? Those behaviors are not indicative of a close relationship.

John is obviously a very complex man. Please weigh in with opinions and insights.


Katie said...

Perhaps John spent the first half of his life in an unhappy marriage with a boring job as an accountant. Every night he would rush home to watch the meteorologist on the evening news. John had always dreamed of becoming a meteorologist, but followed the advice of his father and became an accountant. One day he decided to live his life as he had always wanted. He divorced his wife, quit his job, and went back to school to study weather. Now he is broke, but much happier overall. Therefore, he is forced to move into a cheap apartment with some Leila that he barely knows from school.

Leila said...

Katie, I am convinced that you have hit the nail on the head here. Good sleuthing!

Elena said...

Another possibility is that John is one of those refreshing parents who doesn't believe in coddling their kids an has sent out a 5 year old to DO SOME WORK.