Monday, March 16, 2009

hey shane is going skatting tonight
from a 609 phone number, Friday, March 13, 2:50 PM

hey nia is NOT going skating tonight so its going to be and you k see you at 7:30 k bye bff
from a 609 phone number, Friday, March 13, 6:24 PM

I have this fantasy of a high school world in which all drama is played out on the public ice skating rink. Too young to get into bars, too restless to hang around their homes, these teenagers descend on the local skating rink every Friday at 7:30 PM, where the boys skate around and crash into each other, trying to impress the girls, who giggle and skate arm in arm and try to master twirls, all to the tunes of the newest Lil' Wayne single. During the slow songs, these boys and girls skate hand in hand. And when the rink closes at 10pm, they get hot cocoa in the dark and gossip about who skated with whom. Does this happen? It happens in my mind. And, hopefully, it happens in the 609 area code.


Emily said...

i live in the 609 area code and i know a tween named nia - my teacher's daughter. how weird!!! i'll ask her if she goes skating often. yay princeton!

Amara said...

Or it could be roller skating. I've been to the roller skating rink in Saugus (yes...saugus) a few times and it gets PACKED with teenagers, especially on Friday nights.

Amara said...

Oh, also: There is a skating gang or something and they all skate really fast, in a pack. Once I was in the way and one of the guys grabbed me and held onto me as if to protect me so they wouldn't knock me over. It was quite exhilarating.

Leila said...

Oh man. Can we go, when I'm home for Passover? This sounds like an awesome scene.

Amara said...

Hahaha. Sure thing :)