Monday, March 16, 2009

you have a 69 in penis yes very big haha

from a 334 phone number, Saturday, March 14, 10:12 PM

So, look, I am no "sexpert," and perhaps this will reveal my sexual ignorance, but still I'm going to go ahead and say: I have no idea what this text message means. It strikes me as simultaneously graphic and nonsensical, like it was written by a 12-year-old who speaks English as a second language who once read half an article in an upside-down issue of Cosmo.


Sof said...

I think it's someone trying to be funny by saying you have a "69 inch penis", with the sexual innuendo that is "69". It's juvenile.

Leila said...

Ohhhhh 69 INCHES. I totally thought she meant 69 in penis, "in" like the preposition, and I was like, "What?" Good call, Sof.